Let’s Stop Polluting the Oceans


Plastics are Polluting Our Oceans:

Did you know that fish are eating small plastic pellets in the water, thinking that it is food and are slowly dying as a result?

Plastics and other debris are devastating our oceans and sea life. On this page you will learn more about the extent of this problem, how it got that way, and how we can stop it.

While presenting to a group of 7th graders about the harmful effects of plastics, here is what one 12 year old boy said after hearing that plastic does not disintegrate.

no-dumping-drainstoocean-logo“Do you mean that every piece of plastic I’ve ever used is still here?”

Can you imagine the amount of plastic used by someone who has lived 80 years? Now, I know plastics have been very, very good to us. We probably don’t realize how many things we use every day that are made of the stuff. BUT, it is true that plastic never goes away!

Oprah Winfrey also brought attention to the problem after seeing a video of the Pacific Garbage Patch, an area of plastic waste in the ocean the size of Texas!

So, what’s the answer? Recycling is one, but then we have to think of lots of ways to remake the recycled plastic. I believe that we must start by reducing the amount of plastic we use, and recycling what we do use. And we need to create new materials that will biodegrade.

Teri Haynes

For many years, Teri Haynes has written for a number of newspapers and has gained a lot of admiration from several distinguished institutions. She has an array of writing passions and performs complex research projects.

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